September / October tasting?

Reads 675 • Replies 21 • Started Tuesday, September 5, 2017 1:20:32 PM CT

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beers 114 º places 8 º 13:20 Tue 9/5/2017

Interest? Preferred date? I picked up some M43 and am willing to host

beers 2045 º places 169 º 13:21 Tue 9/5/2017

I apparently have some boxes headed my way and a ton of shitty rot box stouts to burn through.

I don't think I'm super available but will come if possible

beers 2045 º places 169 º 17:08 Tue 9/5/2017

Cool. Me and the guy with the impossible to pronounce username may be hanging out sometime.

beers 13694 º places 748 º 18:48 Tue 9/5/2017

I'd be interested. Cannot do 9/16, 9/23, 10/14 for sure.

beers 8677 º places 740 º 21:18 Tue 9/5/2017

Definitely available over the weekend of 9/30. Other weekends look a bit sketchy for me at the moment.

beers 6685 º places 434 º 21:47 Tue 9/5/2017

Late October maybe.

beers 12024 º places 719 º 23:45 Tue 9/5/2017

Originally posted by JK
Late October maybe.

Same here

beers 3140 º places 134 º 13:10 Wed 9/20/2017

Yes! I brought back some goodies from Paris and have a couple fun ticks from CA that none of you plebs have ticked yet.

beers 924 º 09:53 Thu 9/21/2017

I'm mostly available in October and plan to bring stuff home from my PNW trip next week.

beers 2045 º places 169 º 10:00 Thu 9/21/2017

Someone wanna just pick a date and get this scheduled? Waiting for everyone to be available is impossible

beers 114 º places 8 º 22:44 Fri 9/22/2017

Hows 9/30?I can host