Service standards in taprooms

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I really don't seek out any advice from bartenders. Most of the time they are getting a dollar a beer if they are bad or good. I really don't enjoy the "fancy" places where they make a show out of pouring your bottle for you. I like to get hooked up, and reciprocate with a bigger tip. I really get irked by places that don't have the prices listed, though that is uncommon. I don't like places that limit the amount of beers you can have or make you wear a bracelet or something ridiculous like that. I don't care if the tap touches my glass. I feel that bar culture in Europe is a lot more relaxed, less tip centered. I am not into three to five dollar five ounce samples, especially when you watch people ask for samples and get two ounces for free of the same thing. I don't like pop music/ alternative 90s/ or top 40 classic rock in any situation, especially at the bar. I like places that keep their beer menu updated online.