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beers 7434 º places 343 º 23:14 Tue 11/7/2017

Surprise work trip to Singapore in a couple of weeks. Any tips on places? Would like to try some local stuff where possible.

beers 11277 º places 838 º 02:44 Wed 11/8/2017

Only been once, and it was 4 years ago, so can't say what has changed.

Tried something sort of ambitious at the time, so wrote a journal kind of thing of that part of my trip here, if it would help at all:

I did enjoy Singapore, and a lot of my stops for my short trip came from "places" section here on ratebeer.

beers 2015 º places 38 º 03:17 Wed 11/8/2017

The places section is pretty good as a base reference but it'd be worthwhile scouting social media and Google for new places. Ive been there a number of times over the years and new places have popped up each time - I should really have added the place but I was there for other reasons so never did.

Smith Street Taps is definitely worth checking out - its in a hawker centre and will be difficult to find at first but worth the effort. Theres also another craft place just a few stalls along over the corner.

Freehouse has mostly imported stuff iirc and a lot of "pint after work" business type clients. Bacon tempura is worth the trip alone though.

Archipelago is local, craft and well distributed.

Brewerkz is a brewpub type operation with a number of bars in town - its pretty decent but the brewpub vibe is a bit forced and synthetic as such. They had some fresh IPAS on at the Robertson Quay brewpub which werent on the database at the time.

LeVeL 33 (highest brewpub in the world, allegedly) is nothing special aside from its claim - just generic IPA, lager and stout served on the 33rd story of a building in a restaurant which also boasts £4000 bottles of wine, creating an interesting dichotomy. It is the financial district though so its expected.

Havent been to but it looks like it'd be worth a visit.

Druggists is one of favourite places (along with Smith Steet) to go to in Singapore for the atmosphere, decent selection of beer (no local stuff sadly) and less commercial "chainpub" feel.

Mikkeller bar is worth visiting for the architecture; all the taps are Mikkeller however.

beers 6409 º places 117 º 07:58 Wed 11/8/2017

I have no idea about places (I've never been to Singapore), but I quite liked the beers made by Brewlander.