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beers 2825 º places 25 º 13:14 Sat 10/28/2017

I hate the old ticks link. Reviewing recent ticks remove them from the list but not OTs.

beers 11840 º places 320 º 08:39 Sun 10/29/2017

Originally posted by Nisse666
Originally posted by SinH4
Originally posted by hotstuff
Originally posted by Nisse666
Why can’t I see activities for my friends anymore? Stopped working today...

I noticed this too.

also broken for me.

This is what I check each day, please get it up and running Joe 😢

Thx - working, better pay my yearly fee before anything else get’s broken ;)

beers 5394 º places 74 º 12:41 Tue 10/31/2017

Still cannot see all my friends activities.