site problem - internal server error while uploading ratings

Reads 3986 • Replies 64 • Started Tuesday, September 26, 2017 5:20:19 AM CT

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beers 10312 º places 320 º 15:31 Thu 9/28/2017

Rating seems to work a lot better today at least!

beers 2898 º places 125 º 15:47 Thu 9/28/2017

and i'm working on search l

lots and lots

beers 7613 º places 283 º 14:43 Thu 10/19/2017

Bump. I am having this issue at the moment.

Anybody else?

beers 9010 º 14:47 Thu 10/19/2017

I cannot enter any ratings so not just you.

beers 12356 º places 11 º 14:58 Thu 10/19/2017

Cannot rate currently. Premium is due but won't pay until service is improved.

beers 7613 º places 283 º 14:58 Thu 10/19/2017

Originally posted by blankboy
I cannot enter any ratings so not just you.

I guess I gottah store it on a word doc or write it down manually and enter it later? Well, I never.......
Maybe I'll put it on the cloud with google docs, then anybody can hack it and use it to their advantage, heheheh.

beers 7613 º places 283 º 15:01 Thu 10/19/2017

Well, at least the ticker thing is working.

beers 427 º places 1 º 15:05 Thu 10/19/2017

Still not working.

beers 7613 º places 283 º 15:07 Thu 10/19/2017

I'm curious how long this will go on.

You would think, that if it was longer than a half hour, somebody may post an alert in the forum?

beers 20827 º places 554 º 15:18 Thu 10/19/2017

I can't rate currently either.