site problem - internal server error while uploading ratings

Reads 3988 • Replies 64 • Started Tuesday, September 26, 2017 5:20:19 AM CT

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beers 21223 º places 832 º 00:17 Fri 10/20/2017

Confirmed - roadbump safely passed, last night's backlog went in very smoothly this morning. Thanks.

beers 3141 º places 151 º 12:29 Sat 10/21/2017

Getting an internal server error when trying to send corrections about a beer. Not a critical problem, but still a bit annoying.

beers 2993 º places 37 º 05:05 Fri 10/27/2017

so if you click on "Rate beer" and open it in another window and then tick the stars before rating, there'll be an error when you try to send the rating from the other window. Maybe not the practice of most people but I got used to doing it that way (star then rate) and just started getting this error the last week.

beers 23237 º places 495 º 10:44 Fri 10/27/2017

Getting an internal server error when trying to delete beers.