Smoke Beer

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No, I am not talking about a rauchbier. Anyone want to light up a Dark Lord?

Possibly more idiodic than butt chugging.

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Well that is disturbing. Kids have found yet another dangerous way to abuse themselves in search of becoming higher than high. And itís also disturbing that rauchbier is so darn awful.

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Id smoke a smoked beer

beers 1590 º places 63 º 12:03 Tue 6/25/2013

Man, smoking beer sounds awesome.

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What will they think of next? Stupid kids

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Why canít they just smoke the "you know what" like their parents did? Itís just creepy.

beers 2 º 12:09 Tue 6/25/2013

ISO: Whale Smoke

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Originally posted by pinkie
Why canít they just smoke the "you know what" like their parents did? Itís just creepy.

Agreed. Its instantaneous and still calorie free. Except of course if you get the munchies.

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Iím trying, but I canít see the problem. Youths read about this online, and posted videos of their experiences with this new way of getting intoxicated, and like always the media blew it out of proportion and made sure we were listening. No oneís going to do this with Dark Lord. I also think this may purely be a one-time thing. Drinking just tastes better than vapor; weíve known this from years of drinking. This may appeal more so to the smoking community (whether it be pot or tobacco), but to the drinking community? Drinkers like the feeling of liquid entering their bodies. People will most likely do this with shitty bourbons and cases of Bud, but I honestly donít think itís going to become a huge craze in America. I know that for a little bit everyone was freaking out that their child may be home alone sniffing shit (Jenkem) but that was complete bullshit. It was to scare the viewing public to protect their children, yet again. I see no evidence that supports this isnít going to be anything more than a one-time party trick.

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imagine smoking a smoke beer...

beers 2 º 12:27 Tue 6/25/2013

What about smoking a Mad Dog 20/20? Yikes!