Smoked Salmon

Reads 1994 • Replies 15 • Started Monday, December 31, 2012 11:04:40 AM CT

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beers 30 º places 3 º 11:04 Mon 12/31/2012

Just smoked some, and it is cooling right now. Second ever item I have ever smoked. The sample was quite tasty.

Smoked Salmon

beers 1100 º places 24 º 13:14 Mon 12/31/2012

A little dark, wouldn’t you say? What kind of wood did you use?
Apple or Alder wood is best for salmon.

beers 659 º places 11 º 13:22 Mon 12/31/2012

Looks fine...a little dark but as long as you didn’t dry it out and oversmoke it I’m sure it’s tasty. Apple and Alder are well as Pecan and Mulberry

beers 30 º places 3 º 14:08 Mon 12/31/2012

Apple, alder, and mesquite.

beers 1704 º places 45 º 14:12 Mon 12/31/2012

Looks like that nice ’smoke-crusted’ smoke house style fish you Americans do so well, delicious!

Mostly up here we get the cold-smoked ’cured’ style pink smoked salmon (lox, gravlachs).

beers 10017 º places 672 º 14:57 Mon 12/31/2012

Yeah it is unclear in the us if smoked salmon is cured Lox or actual smoked salmon.

beers 450 º places 5 º 00:40 Fri 1/11/2013

Nice looking salmon. I do a lot of smoked fish on my smoker. I do a stuffed salmon with crabmeat green onions that is very tasty. I use either cherry or apple wood. I find that mesquite tends to be a little over powering.

beers 21214 º places 697 º 03:00 Fri 1/11/2013

Where does the fish come from?
Norway? US?...

beers 3063 º places 109 º 03:48 Fri 1/11/2013

I’d skip the mesquite for salmon. Your’s is a little dark but most people are used to cold smoked, cured salmon which retains that expected pinky orange colour. Gravlax meets injected smoke into chambers filled with cleaned fillet is the norm. How did yours taste? If it is still juicy and flaky, and has taken on the alder, applewood and mesquite, then job done. I love to try different things with smokers. Fish is delicate so getting it right can be tough!

beers 30 º places 3 º 03:53 Fri 1/11/2013

It tasted wonderful. I was not going for a lox style, but an actual smoked fish flavor. In northern Michigan, you see it all the time.

beers 919 º places 28 º 04:06 Fri 1/11/2013

Salmon jerky or Indian candy is fantastic too. I’ve been doing this recipe for years to rave reviews.