Smoked Salmon

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beers 11402 º places 464 º 06:55 Fri 1/11/2013

That looks phenomenal. Not too dark at all.

beers 608 º places 4 º 07:52 Fri 1/11/2013

Looks awesome, not too dark at all.

beers 1704 º places 45 º 09:04 Sat 1/12/2013

Originally posted by Unclerudy
It tasted wonderful. I was not going for a lox style, but an actual smoked fish flavor. In northern Michigan, you see it all the time.

I think you’ve got hot smoked style that is more whitened and ’cooked’, VS ’cold-smoked’ which stays the same color. Thirdly there’s gravlax that’s just salt-cured with sugar and dill. I believe true Lox is also brined.

Love the hot-smoked style fish in Florida!

beers 1633 º places 156 º 11:49 Fri 1/25/2013

Some pale lager maybe or a smokey beer adds to it, depending on the strangth of the smoked salmon...

11:51 Fri 1/25/2013

Been doing this on my electric "Little Chief" smoker for years. I use a very light brine of mostly brown sugar and salt. Google "ifish 5-cents smoked salmon" for the best method.