Smuttynose Herbaceous Release....

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beers 3211 º places 63 º 17:00 Sat 10/6/2012

The time has come to awaken the sleeping New England thread...

Smuttynose Bottle Release
Oct 11 Thursday 5-7pm 2 bottle limit on Herbaceous the first wet hopped beer ever from Smutty... CITRA hops overnighted !

Much more info here:

beers 8037 º places 202 º 13:50 Wed 10/10/2012

Let keep all the sleeping people on BA.

You will see me there. You think 45 minutes before the release is enough time? I’m not a fan of waiting in line…lol

beers 3211 º places 63 º 17:59 Wed 10/10/2012

Welp Im not a republican or a democrat I vote on articles not people. See you there ! LOL

beers 3211 º places 63 º 18:00 Wed 10/10/2012

Insert tumbleweeds here !

beers 134 º places 5 º 18:47 Wed 10/10/2012

So how is it?

beers 2283 º places 85 º 07:06 Thu 10/11/2012

Sounds interesting if I were closer. Hartford is a bit of a drive...

beers 3211 º places 63 º 19:13 Thu 10/11/2012

Originally posted by sarro
So how is it?

Need to wait till I crack one to report fully but after passing through the brewery this afternoon and snaggin a sample it was a slight let down... pours a deep copper color with a nice head...subtle nose big malts a slight dose of herbs, missing the tropical notes that citra usually brings but again I had a couple once sample and I drank an espresso and chewed some mint gum before I tried it so Im not trusting my judgement just yet.