SN Ruthless Rye

Reads 510 • Replies 6 • Started Friday, January 13, 2012 1:28:50 PM CT

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beers 6504 º places 222 º 13:28 Fri 1/13/2012

Has this shown up in Nashville or Chattanooga yet? I’m pretty sure Knoxville won’t see it and I’m really wanting to try it.

beers 2377 º places 279 º 14:41 Fri 1/13/2012

yesterday in Nashville. Good shit

beers 6343 º places 200 º 15:44 Fri 1/13/2012

I called Riverside and they said they would not get it

beers 1053 º places 13 º 18:37 Tue 1/17/2012

Really good beer. In stock at Moon.

beers 1638 º places 30 º 14:01 Sun 1/22/2012

For those in Western Tennessee, Busters in Memphis has it. I assume Joe’s and Natalies do too.

20:41 Tue 1/24/2012

Snuck over to Asheville to get mine!

beers 132 º places 14 º 18:29 Wed 2/1/2012

at the FLYING SAUCER in Nashville! AMAZING BEER!!