SNPA mass tastinglets talk here

Reads 1094 • Replies 57 • Started Tuesday, June 19, 2012 11:17:03 AM CT

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beers 25987 º places 403 º 11:17 Tue 6/19/2012

just about to open mine

beers 7065 º places 28 º 11:20 Tue 6/19/2012

won’t be drinking with you, sadly, but I will be watching from the sidelines. Go to it - and GO ENGLAND!!! (even though I don’t care a rat’s rectum for kickball).

beers 25987 º places 403 º 11:21 Tue 6/19/2012

ok turns out i have 2 bottles 1 bbf 290411 other 291212 both visabble sediment in bottle but the the 2011 is quit chunk bits , but pours ok. See photo to follow

beers 25987 º places 403 º 11:22 Tue 6/19/2012

i dont care about kick ball either

beers 2648 º places 199 º 11:29 Tue 6/19/2012

It’s called ’football’ you heathens! Come on England!!!!! Opened mine as cannot wait. Last time I had this the aroma of passion fruit was overwhelming. This is different. It’s more citrus. Getting lemon and lime rind. It’s quite chilled so not getting full effect. There’s something tropical in their but my nose can’t pick it out yet.

beers 19336 º places 37 º 11:36 Tue 6/19/2012

Ok, I’m open as well. Oh and I’ve opened my SNPA too. Rated this July 2005 when still back in my RB infancy so probably is due a re-rate. Yes, mine pours with a slight haze and with some hard sediment in the bottom. BBE Jan 2013. No idea if that means its quite fresh or not. Bought at Ashford Tesco last night. Clearish amber colour with lasting ivory coloured head. Iconic beer. Every time I have it, I think about how much this has changed beer drinkers lives. A real gate way beer.

beers 19336 º places 37 º 11:37 Tue 6/19/2012

I like the stumpy bottle, I like the green label. Whenever anyone I meet slags off USA beers here in the UK I send them to a Tesco or a Sainsburys and say, buy this.

Poured into a Duvel glass.

beers 25987 º places 403 º 11:40 Tue 6/19/2012 SNPA and Ness Un Korma (my other beer of the evening)

beers 19336 º places 37 º 11:41 Tue 6/19/2012

Probably too cold. Slight vegetal on aroma. Wow, that was a disappointment. Vegetal. Is that an infection? Some hop sting on finish. Some malt, some hop. Mostly boiled vegetables. I wouldn’t give this more than 2.8. This bottle isn’t very good. I’ve had it before and the grapefruit has jumped out of the beer. This is just, well, not very good.

beers 19336 º places 37 º 11:42 Tue 6/19/2012

Can I drink something nice now? Right, off to drink Struise and watch the football.

beers 25987 º places 403 º 11:43 Tue 6/19/2012

well im surprised by it. First rated 2007, an early rating again somepoint in All bar one so prob 12-18 months ago.

here todays old bottle rating
bottle at home ... bbb04/11 drunk 06/12 ... light lumpy sediment in bottle ... crysteal clear amber in glass ... thin white head ... sweet fruits ... soft toffee .. almost oily malt nose... mellow juicy fruits ... peach and apricot ... quite syrupy ... sweet sugers ... light floral hop ... light pine in linger ... im prob gonna stoick at 3,6 better than i remember it.