So Hop Slamís bottled on date is 2.2.12...

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So Hop Slamís bottled on date is 2.2.12 which also happens to be the exact day that my son, Jack, was born Literally his birthday bottle!!!

I plan to hold back a 6 pack. Keeping it for 21 years will hard but hopefully worth it.

My question is... how does this beer look, taste, smell, and shake it in 21 years? Any thoughts?

places 125 º 11:16 Sat 2/25/2012

You would be better off buying some í12 Bigfoot or Old Stock, that beer will be awful in 21 years.

beers 2703 º places 29 º 11:32 Sat 2/25/2012

Or a Thomas Hardyís. Did another brewery ever pick up where OíHanlonís left off?

beers 1052 º places 13 º 11:48 Sat 2/25/2012

OK. I know that an IPA is meant to be drank fresh. A barley wine, old ale, imp stout, quad, or other more age worthy beer would be better over the course of 21 years. I get that.

My point is that Hop Slam happens to have the exact day that my son was born on the bottle. What will it be in 21 years? Remember hops are a natural preservative. They will actually help keep the beer from spoiling.

Will it morph into a flat barley wine style beer? Who knows?

No, I donít think Thomas Hardyís is being made again. Well, at least not yet. Of course you could always just buy some soy sauce and throw in a shot of vodka ;)

beers 6050 º places 104 º 12:05 Sat 2/25/2012

iíd save the empty bottle

beers 2790 º places 131 º 12:14 Sat 2/25/2012

I get it - Iíd save two - one for each of you to drink in 21 years - may be terrible, may be great, may just be drinkable - but either way its memorable.

beers 3186 º places 13 º 12:47 Sat 2/25/2012

Given that itís Bells, Iíd be willing to bet it will be better in 21 years than a random imperial stout or barley wine would be. I think it will be interesting and fun to do. I say go for it.

beers 9188 º places 322 º 12:48 Sat 2/25/2012

I think it would be fun!

beers 321 º places 15 º 14:33 Sat 2/25/2012

Cool idea.. Good luck. Iíll check back in 21 years for an update!

beers 1223 º places 24 º 14:42 Sat 2/25/2012

Doesnít matter what it tastes like, it will be cool to share it with him anyway. Congratulations!

beers 263 º places 1 º 14:54 Sat 2/25/2012