So i’m hosting a Beer Dinner at Wildfire

Reads 476 • Replies 3 • Started Friday, June 15, 2012 7:23:41 AM CT

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beers 13 º 07:23 Fri 6/15/2012

Pretty cool, they called me and asked me to host a "Beer Expert’s Dinner" at the Downtown location on Tuesday, Sept.11...i’m selecting 5 beers and then meeting with the chef to help create the courses to pair.

Tix should be in the $45-$55 range a head, and i’ll update with more info as i know it.

beers 13 º 07:09 Mon 6/25/2012

Beer update:

1st Course: Firestone Walker DBA

2nd Course: Orval

3rd Course: Metropolitan Ironworks

4th Course: Westmalle Dubbel

Dessert: Perennial Hommel

beers 13 º 06:15 Wed 7/4/2012

Menu done, tix available at, here’s a direct link to the menu:’s_Brews%20Beer_Dinner_menu_66_’12.pdf


beers 2 º 15:04 Wed 7/4/2012

Is it free for elderly Binny’s beer men? Including complimentary free transportation and hotel?