So what’s up with Cantillon

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Originally posted by gn0sis
Just an FYI to the folks still mentioning eBay as part of their response/rationale/argument: it’s no longer allowed for beers to be sold on ebay. As of this morning, there was not a single bottle of Cantillon listed on ebay.

That is the argument that Jean uses but not only that - the guy is mad at everyone who sells his beer at a too high mark-up which I hear is common in the states - I might be wrong. 5 euro is what you pay for a 75 cl. geuze - 6.70 euro for a Bruocsella - 7.50 euro for a Fou’foune - with some discount for several bottles. Like 42.50 was what you paid for 6 bottles of Fou’foune - he is not happy if someone asking way higher prices than this beyond the reasonable mark-up.

Lambic has been around since probably at least the 14th century - it is an old thing that probably shouldn’t change its nature due to a hype that may not be long lived.

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Cantillon is not a fashion spontaneous fermentation by De proef, they are not designing beers, it’s a real producer and you need at least one year and more often almost 2 or 3nyears to produce a traditionnal Lambic.
The answer is lack of space. The production has been increased the last 3 years and the badges are more arround 2000/3000 bottles for the very special stuff.
If one day you are In Bruxelles visit the brewery and you will understand.


Jean Moeder