some people hate us

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beers 2600 º places 108 º 11:19 Mon 7/2/2012

wonderful. worth at least 2 seconds of your time.

maybe. :-)

places 12 º 11:30 Mon 7/2/2012

If you arent doing Edward 40 hands then you are a pussy.

places 1 º 11:38 Mon 7/2/2012

Hell, I hate us....

beers 8531 º places 269 º 11:41 Mon 7/2/2012

Gotta skip to like 6:30 to find anything of interest, FYI everyone.

beers 1588 º places 63 º 11:42 Mon 7/2/2012

I love my haters when they talk about me
And Iím here to shine

beers 8531 º places 269 º 11:42 Mon 7/2/2012

Someone please respond to his video with the video of oteyj beer bonging Mikkeller Black so he can see how to drink a beer like a man.

beers 4200 º places 71 º 11:42 Mon 7/2/2012

ahahahaha... What a great start to the week.

beers 1698 º places 38 º 11:47 Mon 7/2/2012

If you arenít doing King Of The 80ís then you are a pussy.

beers 1544 º places 114 º 11:50 Mon 7/2/2012

Iím not a beer snob because I say "fuck" a lot and burp when I drink!

In all seriousness, we definitely have our share of snobs here, but most of the people Iíve conversed with through this site have been anything but. Seeking the beer youíre going to enjoy the most doesnít make you a snob. Weíve been through all the reasons why ad nauseum.

11:55 Mon 7/2/2012

2 seconds? That shit says its over 10 minutes long.

Scrolled past...

beers 7647 º places 164 º 12:04 Mon 7/2/2012

living the life