Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco

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beers 18566 º places 357 º 02:46 Wed 8/29/2012

Marrakech is one of the most exiciting places I’ve been. Casablanca has not much to see, just that big mosque. And avoid Tangier.

beers 42 º 11:16 Wed 8/29/2012

I did this same trip in college, except from Sevilla. The Gibraltar ferry dropped us off in Tangier, where we got a train to Marrakesh.


Seriously avoid that place or spend as little time there as possible. Horrible city. People constantly trying to screw you over, and everyone in the city is in on the con. We got there and the taxi driver told us the overnight train had already left (it hadn’t) and took us to a hotel (which he got a cut of). The next day the taxi driver told us the morning train didn’t come for another 4 hours and he would have to drive us to the next city if we wanted to leave earlier. The hotel owner told us something different. The people on the street were no help, and actually I was with two jewish friends and we seriously almost got killed. Finally we just told a taxi driver to take us to the train station where we learned the train would be there in an hour. It makes a stop in the next city where the taxi driver was going to take us.

Call ahead and make sure you know the train schedule inside and out. Get on the train ASAP and don’t get off until you are south of Casablanca.

beers 9741 º places 417 º 13:27 Wed 8/29/2012

Gibralter is a shithole. It’s almost like a perpetual cloud sent from England sits over the place. And rather than the generally friendly Spanish attitude that surrounds the desolate rock on nearly all sides, you are greeted with British spite and ire. I’d hit up Tarifa, which is kind of close, Malaga, Granada or Cordoba. All are much more worth your time.

Morocco is certainly a hustle. But you have to go in expecting it - it’s almost like cheap theatre depending on the way you look at it. There are actors, unfolding drama, action and a rip off. It helps to have a sense of humour about it. Through out a few "laa shukrans," (no thank you in arabic). It occasionally helps.

Marrakesh is amazing. And in my experience, the food was pretty much good everywhere - Morocco is high up there on top world cuisine countries, for me at least. Of course, as mentioned, the quality isn’t always as high as the taste.

Not sure about beer so much - I wasn’t really into anything pricier than the cheapest swill I could acquire back then.

beers 2449 º places 189 º 16:52 Wed 8/29/2012

Ok, we opted to do France and Barcelona instead. Haven’t planned out our itinerary yet, we just know when we fly in to Paris and out of Barcelona.

We’re thinking about taking the TGV to Monte Carlo and then flying from Nice to Barcelona (there are flights that are 50 euros per person doing that) but also thinking about taking the hotel train from Paris directly to Barcelona.