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beers 1 º places 1 º 13:43 Sat 5/11/2013

Is it just a case of northerns dont like hoppy beers and thats why they sparkle thier beer to death?

beers 1234 º places 56 º 13:47 Sat 5/11/2013

Tom, mate, let it go ;-)

beers 4562 º places 140 º 14:05 Sat 5/11/2013

In a pub I used to work in,in the midlands we had sparklers on. I used to take them off to pour myself the after hours pint. So I guess I am a northener who doesnít like sparklers. As far as hoppy beers go, I am not as big on them as others.

beers 153 º places 75 º 14:43 Sat 5/11/2013

Coincidentally, just been arguing this one on farcebook, with my brewing partner! Donít know why, there is no argument, theyíre the devilís dispense, end.

beers 1234 º places 56 º 14:50 Sat 5/11/2013

Iím not rising to state the bleeding obvious. Again.

beers 2315 º places 126 º 15:19 Sat 5/11/2013

I donít understand... the beer looks so lovely with a big creamy head - itís almost as good as nitrokeg...