Sprecher bootleggers hard root beer

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^^^^pictures of clear tab and clear pepsi

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Grabbed a 4 pack of this over the weekend. It is a solid root beer and the alcohol is not really detectable.

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^^Agreed, Agreed... I thought it was a solid root beer; slightly sweeter then normal. Alcohol not really detetctable. A crowd pleaser.

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Fucking vile, artificial flavorings! Gotta bottle for ya dcjack. Send me yer address, please.

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Dammit, I forgot to write that in my notebook to remind me to order next week. Someone BM me on Wednesday after 8am Eastern

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The barrel comes through, really nice stuff. Needs a couple cubes of ice n ur good to go bruthrr.

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20%? Wow

5%, according to Draft: http://draftmag.com/new/sprecher-bootleggers-bourbon-barrel-hard-root-beer/

The 19.5% stuff is by SMALL TOWN. I believe they also make a 10%. Both are incredible. The Sprecher doesn’t hold a candle.

Small Town Not Your Father’s Root beercomes in a 5%, 10% and 20% version. Sadly it’s not bottles or growler because it blows Sprechers away