St. Louis RB Gathering, Part II

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beers 11834 º places 639 º 10:01 Wed 1/25/2012

Anyone looking for a low-key alternative to Soulard Mardi Gras? I’m going to have another STL RB tasting, this time on Friday, February 17th. No specific theme, but I would like to open a bunch of the things I meant to open last time (Pisgah Valdez and Vortex, Hill Farmstead Arthur and Birth of Tragedy, DFH Bitches Brew, TJ Vintage vertical, etc.) along with some new ones (such as Square One Sour Cherry, for all of us who haven’t had it yet). I’m also thinking that because of how generous all of you were last time, try not to bring more than 2 bottles/person this time around and we can get into my cellar a bit more.

Same place- unless someone has a better place in mind. We’ll say anytime after 6:30. We can also order some pizzas again, so let me know if you’re coming and will be eating.

I’m posting this in the St. Louis, Great Plains, and Great Lakes forum to make sure everyone in the Metro and surrounding areas see it. All RBians welcome!

I’ll post the link to the Event here soon.


13:14 Wed 1/25/2012

Nice, I was going to request a Square One Sour Cherry. Should we start a google spreadsheet?

beers 11834 º places 639 º 08:32 Thu 1/26/2012

Feel free to get the spreadsheet going. Just keep in mind there are three forum posts, since I know the transition of metro boards has people a little scattered at the moment.

beers 11834 º places 639 º 08:20 Tue 2/14/2012

Bump for this. Just a few reminders:

-I’m aware that The Wine and Cheese Place is having its Schlafly Bourbon Barrel Quad tasting from 5:30-6:30. I am not attending and will be at my place but I know a few of you will be there. Consider the starting time 6:30, when that one is over.

-Please do not bring more than 2 bottles (Strykzone and Seymour, I have 2 from each of you from last time already). I have a bunch of stuff I’ve been sitting on specifically for this event.

-Bring a tasting glass or two if you want to try verticals and side-by-sides in a side-by-side fashion.

-We’ll probably order Papa John’s again so bring a few bucks to throw in the pot.

-If anyone has a 2008 Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale, we’re still looking for one. If not, we’ll still do the 2005-2011 without it.

-bsuedekum and birchstick, don’t leave without the bottles I owe you guys.

Send me a BM, email, phone call, or text with any questions. See you all Friday!

beers 11834 º places 639 º 08:51 Thu 2/16/2012

Daily bump. Please, please don’t bring too much of your own stuff, 1-2 at most. Here’s a preview:

Square One Sour Cherry

Pisgah Valdez

Pisgah Vortex II

Dogfish Head Bitches Brew

Hill Farmstead Arthur

Hill Farmstead Birth of Tragedy

Maine Mean Old Tom

Unibroue Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale 2005-2011 (if I can get a 2008 from Dan before the tasting)

Olde Hickory The Event Horizon

Olde Hickory Irish Walker

Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale

+ more!

beers 2234 º places 86 º 17:34 Thu 2/16/2012

Plan to come. Have a large bottle of Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, and a 12 Oz bottle (my last) of 2002 DFH WWS.

beers 2190 º places 50 º 07:21 Fri 2/17/2012

I’m almost sure I can attend. I’m not counting the two I left behind, so I’m bringing a Sonoran Inebriator Stout, Lvivske White Lion, and another weird 2 liter of Russian kvass: Deka Nikola. It’s only 2% alchohol, so it surely doesn’t count as a whole beer, right Peter? Sue us, we like to share :-) Oh, and it won’t count for a rating but I want to put my homebrewed Marmalade Saison head-to-head with the Brooklyn Sorachi Ace (pure arrogance, I know.) Hope to see you all tonight!

beers 11834 º places 639 º 07:40 Fri 2/17/2012

It doesn’t count but you can only drink it by chugging the entire thing in one fell swoop. This is shaping up to be a classic!

beers 11834 º places 639 º 07:42 Fri 2/17/2012

Also, a reminder that it starts at 7:00 - not 6:30, as originally stated. Some of us (yeah, like me) are going to to the TWCP/Schlafly tasting, which ends at 6:30.

Seymour, don’t bring too much! I really want to open the cellar for you guys, to say thanks for your generosity last time and in other tastings.

As always, we can’t have enough tasting glasses.

And anyone who wants to crash, I will have two open couches.

beers 11834 º places 639 º 07:43 Fri 2/17/2012

Originally posted by kwoeltje
Plan to come. Have a large bottle of Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, and a 12 Oz bottle (my last) of 2002 DFH WWS./K

beers 356 º places 7 º 10:19 Fri 2/17/2012

I’ll bring a bramble and growler of live oak Hefe. Can only stay for an hour or 2.