Steel Toe Size 11

Reads 422 • Replies 5 • Started Friday, April 13, 2012 5:05:50 PM CT

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beers 2604 º places 244 º 17:05 Fri 4/13/2012

Hey all,

I stopped over and got a bottle of Lunker and was hoping to get a Size 11 as well, but to no avail. Anyone in town have an extra bottle you would be willing to trade or sell? Thanks!


beers 3051 º places 129 º 22:17 Sun 4/15/2012

I've got an extra - toss me a BM!

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beers 33 º places 16 º 20:57 Thu 4/19/2012

Once OP is taken care of, would like to get one to try if possible. Thanks!


beers 2464 º places 67 º 22:46 Thu 4/19/2012

Would anyone have a Lunker or two they would be willing to part with?

I had a prior commitment last Friday and couldn’t make the release. Two bottles would be kickass, but I’d be just as happy with one.

Shoot me a BM (or swing by Zipp’s and talk to me) and let’s work something out.


beers 2023 º places 24 º 06:53 Fri 4/20/2012

Would anyone have a Lunker they would be willing to part with?
They had sold out by the time my friend got there...
Since we’re asking. ; )

beers 2604 º places 244 º 14:27 Sun 4/22/2012

Hey all, Jeff hooked me up so I am all set, thanks!