Sterilize a growler in the oven

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beers 3996 º places 158 º 08:05 Wed 3/9/2016

Originally posted by Frank
John Palmer has a dry heat sterilization times posted here:

I would put the growler in before you turn the oven on and leave it in there after it’s off to minimize fast temperature changes/risk of broken glass.

I am not sure what you are doing w/ the growler but all of the cleaning solutions mentioned will sanitize rather than sterilize your growler, which is fine for most homebrew purposes. Or if you don’t want to get Star San or whatever you can rinse it out w/ white vinegar and again w/ filtered water. If you are just getting your growler filled at a pub, just clean it out as well as you can.

He could also take it to his nearby hospital and ask the sterile technician in the OR to autoclave it for him. THEN it will be sterile.

13:36 Wed 3/9/2016

Use PBW for heavy duty cleaning, rinse well, then use a surface sanitizer like star san right before filling. Make sure to rinse well, since leftover PBW render star san ineffective.

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