Strykzone is a star!

Reads 434 • Replies 10 • Started Wednesday, October 25, 2017 8:00:59 AM CT

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beers 7741 º places 26 º 08:00 Wed 10/25/2017

Hey Dave - we all know you are a star here, nice to see you got the spotlight today!


beers 2979 º places 37 º 08:22 Wed 10/25/2017

Couldnt have happened to a nicer guy!

beers 11074 º places 356 º 08:26 Wed 10/25/2017

Congrats and cheers, Dave

beers 9575 º places 797 º 09:41 Wed 10/25/2017

beers 13634 º places 243 º 11:29 Wed 10/25/2017

Congrats Dave!!!

beers 7619 º places 283 º 11:54 Wed 10/25/2017

Nice guy! Met him at the RBSG2016.

beers 10981 º places 349 º 12:10 Wed 10/25/2017

Congrats Dave! Hope we can share a few more at future gatherings!

beers 22516 º places 45 º 15:06 Wed 10/25/2017

Dave is the man! I cannot wait to tick with you again!

beers 8457 º places 152 º 15:46 Wed 10/25/2017

Thanks all! What no other beer site can match is the people who are on RateBeer. Here's to friends I have gotten to enjoy a beer with and to those who I will get to do so in the future! The next one is on me.

beers 9575 º places 797 º 17:58 Wed 10/25/2017

Missed you at RBSG in Boise. Hope to catch up at another one someday.

beers 6385 º places 345 º 19:31 Wed 10/25/2017

Congrats Dave, see you in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to that 'next one'.