Supermarket Sweep Again

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beers 2114 º places 4 º 04:57 Fri 9/1/2017

Redwell extra was the most agreeable new can beer from the bunch. A 3.7 kinda beer . Drunk @ a bbq

beers 8489 º places 137 º 05:45 Fri 9/1/2017

I got some of the Duvel Citra the other day. They were doing 'buy 4 get 20% off'. Worked out £1.60 a pop. Booosst!

beers 2114 º places 4 º 06:00 Fri 9/1/2017

It's higher boost than regular duvel too

beers 4632 º 06:17 Sat 9/2/2017

I'm in Brussels at the moment and I've just seen it on sale in a specialist beer shop for 5.20 Euros! With our wretched exchange rate it is way cheaper to buy beer back home in Blighty. I'll probably buy 8 bottles of Rochefort 10 to bring back which is only 2.22 Euros in the Delhaize supermarket opposite my hotel.

beers 23494 º places 68 º 07:58 Sat 9/2/2017

Ian i am in Brussels also. How long for? I leave late Sunday afternoon

beers 4632 º 09:31 Sat 9/2/2017

I leave Monday Ian, I owe you a beer, Delirium at 7.30pm?

beers 23494 º places 68 º 12:01 Sat 9/2/2017

Arrrh just ordered food. Maybe next time.

beers 4632 º 12:35 Sat 9/2/2017

No worries, meet up before Christmas.

Aldi Summer Beer Festival.

Looks like the Wychwood Ripsaw is not on here, unless it's an alias.

beers 23494 º places 68 º 06:41 Sun 9/3/2017

Originally posted by evergreen0199
No worries, meet up before Christmas.

Are you in the Grand Place today for the beer festival? If so i will be propping up the Leroy Watou Van Eecke stand for the next hour.