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Everyone rates beer differently; Iíve certainly got my own kind of template that I use when rating.

One trend I have noticed is that when an rber gets to the point where their ratings are in the thousands, their ratings seem to become fairly sterile: little more than a rough assembly of descriptors. This even applies to beers where they give the beer over an 18 overall; obviously a brew youíre very impressed with and yet the rating is stripped of all emotion or summary.

Not making this observation in any kind of judgmental fashion, just curious of the process once you get to the point where you have a huge volume of beer in the books.


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You donít get 10000-30000 ratings drinking full bottles or pints.
And you canít dedicate one hour to each of them, including writing fancy poetry.
That explains it.

But if you look carefully, you will find the big rater that suits you, maybe with the correct balance between being descriptive enough and not wasting time in pretentious poetry.

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Most top raters ratings are worthless

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Please see: glouglouburp

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+ JorisPPattyn

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Originally posted by jredmond
Please see: glouglouburp


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After so many reviews, it gets really boring saying the same things over and over. Either cutting down a beer because it sucks because of xxxx or praising the same style of beer because it doesnít. I got sick of saying the same thing after 1,000 or so. No idea how people keep going after that point but itís pretty kick ass that they do.

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I read the ratings. I like the different styles I especially like the people who arenít afraid to "free style." Like suds mcduff I think his name is who comes out of nowhere with remarks. Glouglouburp is funny because itís like heís talking to you. The people who diligently apply themselves to the ratings like keanex who follows form each time is no less an artist than the people who are inspired to poetry by the beer. Itís about what this drink does for you. Does it give you to music? to poetry? to a joke or two? Womencantsail is one of the most prolific raters and while he may not be writing sonnets I think his opinions are worthwhile. Some people like unclerudy never rate but can really cook up a brew.

I need the entire beer to come up with what I am going to say about it. Will that ever change? I donít know; but spirits and food and people go together. That there are so many styles is just more icing on the cake.

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Originally posted by TheAlum
Most top raters ratings are worthless

youíre worthless bro.

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Originally posted by randomgarbage
Originally posted by TheAlum
Most top raters ratings are worthless

youíre worthless bro.

Preach on, bro

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Lift, bro