Swamp Head (Gainesville, FL)

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The Wetlands (the tasting room at the brewery) is looking for a very part time employee. Very part time being 10 hours a month or so. We are requiring Cicerone Server Certification for the position which will be basically a bar back to start off. If you have any questions or to send in a resume, feel free to email me:
[email protected]

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None of your employees can tack an extra 30 minutes onto all of their shifts? I hope you are paying really well if your only dishing out 10 hours a month.

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Thanks for the advice to have current employees add on extra time but the issue is that we’re getting too busy Saturdays for the current bar staff. We’re open limited hours T-F 4-8 and Sa 1-8 so we don’t have a lot of staff to begin with.
We’re just trying to accommodate more people come football season!

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Go Gators

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Best of luck

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My brother is the bartender at Farrah’s in Gainesville and they serve almost only Swamp Head on draft it seems. He may be interested.

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Originally posted by drfabulous
Go Gators


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^ +100

<--- Born in Gainesville. Went to a lot of games before moving away. Swap head also great beer.

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Whoa. Good luck finding people to work Saturdays during football season.

Also, please keep making your Bogs of Islay and sending it to Orlando. I really like it.

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I lived in Gainesville maybe 7 years total. Swamp Head wasn’t there then unfortunately.

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Cicerone beer server required to be a bar back for 10 hours a month? Good luck with that one...