Tasting Week of July 30th

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beers 31 º 08:16 Tue 7/31/2012

My vote is for CCB since I really want to try some of the IPA's. It's one of my 4 preferred styles. Geiger, if you can save us a table that would be great. Maybe he'll even pull out a bottle of BA Church on a Hill for us to try since none of us have gotten to tick it yet.....

beers 1030 º places 13 º 08:39 Tue 7/31/2012

that definitely won't happen

beers 31 º 08:59 Tue 7/31/2012

Allright Gieger, Hooray! Thanks for that!! Wait.....What?

beers 1030 º places 13 º 11:27 Tue 7/31/2012

i can't think of a beer that's a bigger slap in the face to "IPA Day" than that

beers 31 º 11:36 Tue 7/31/2012

lol, touche'. Thought it would help break it up.

beers 1069 º places 32 º 12:51 Tue 7/31/2012

Nobody puts IPA Day in the corner. Nobody.

beers 1836 º places 106 º 13:44 Tue 7/31/2012

If it's Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, I can bring in Fortuitous and Rivertown Lambic (Unblended Lambic, for any of you missing that style)

beers 5441 º places 209 º 14:11 Tue 7/31/2012

Originally posted by gkost
Nobody puts IPA Day in the corner. Nobody.

Wow. I thought I was the only one who makes horrible Dirty Dancing references. Thank you, Gary.

beers 3515 º places 1 º 15:59 Tue 7/31/2012

Well I'm up for ccb if we can get a table. 7pm?

beers 1069 º places 32 º 16:45 Tue 7/31/2012

Nobody puts horrible references in the corner.