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beers 1383 º places 21 º 15:18 Sun 11/18/2012

With thanksgiving a few days away, I got to thinking about what type of meal to prepare. Then I got to thinking about if I had a nice beer to have with that dinner, what would it be? Personally, I never usually drink at special holiday meals with the family but now that I think about it, a nicely paired brew would hit the spot. Sooo....for those of you having a brew with the thanksgiving meal or a nice brew for an after dinner treat, what is it going to be?

If I was going to choose something simple I’d probably stick with a nice maduro brown. A nice cider like J.K. Solstice wouldn’t be bad either...

beers 9271 º places 338 º 15:44 Sun 11/18/2012

I’ll probably go with something like a Prima Pils with dinner; wanna stay light and refreshing with all the food I’ll be consuming, and not have anything big weigh me down. Then either an imperial stout or barleywine, probably barreled, once I am done eating. I don’t have a sweet tooth, and prefer to drink my desserts.

beers 2883 º places 348 º 15:49 Sun 11/18/2012

My wife has added a IPA to here brine the last few years with great results. I usually keep with that a stick to a solid IPA. 2 years ago Stone, last year Southern Tier IPA, This year is SN Celebration.

beers 154 º places 1 º 15:51 Sun 11/18/2012

I have a bottle of allagash tripel that has been in the cellar that I’m going to try with dinner. BCBS or BA autumn maple after dinner.

places 23 º 16:02 Sun 11/18/2012

I will be doing mostly homebrew (A few different sours, etc), and maybe some firestone walker parabola to finish off the day

beers 183 º places 13 º 16:41 Sun 11/18/2012

Home brewed pumpkin beer or a nice saison. I like the cider idea also.

beers 856 º places 29 º 16:48 Sun 11/18/2012

Turkey pairs best with Belgian Triple.

beers 1295 º places 34 º 17:05 Sun 11/18/2012

Belgian Red to start. Apple Ale with dinner. Treat or Bruery Autumn Maple to finish it out. Might mix in a Cranbic at some point. AKA, mostly Wisconsin beer.

beers 3 º 17:07 Sun 11/18/2012

Left Hand Nitro stout. The Nitro + food is divine.

beers 242 º places 1 º 17:52 Sun 11/18/2012

I’ll probably be drinking Sofie with dinner, then whatever I feel like afterwards. I usually get pretty buzzed (not quick) on Thanksgiving. My personal favorite hiliday.

beers 2996 º places 156 º 18:20 Sun 11/18/2012

Every Thanksgiving I take a look at the 3L bottles I have and think I should attempt to drink one. I did it once with the Corsendonk Brown. I still have the Augustijn to try and work through. It seems like a daunting task.