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The All American Beer Company has launched! Slogan: "Taking Back America- One Beer at a Time!"

I, and the rest of the STL beer geek community (or community at large), had heard absolutely nothing about this until seeing a big end-cap display in a local grocery store last Tuesday. The company has been in development for three years and kept under wraps until the launch by its founder, John Beal (of the John Beal Roofing Company).

More info:
Beer company builds brand on patriotism in a bottle
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beers 10247 º places 571 º 13:23 Tue 7/31/2012

Naturally, this has raised some serious questions from me and others, not limited to:

-Is this guy serious?
-"Taking back America" from whom or what? Is Beal not aware that in the 3-4 years since A-B was taken over by InBev, about a dozen breweries have opened in the STL area alone?
-Why was this kept under wraps for 3 years and launched without any promotional campaign?
-Beal is clearly trying to target buyers disenchanted with the international takeover of a locally-owned corporation, but does he realize hes been beaten to the punch already by someone with the last name "Busch"? (Kraftig launched last year.)
-Are people aware that Beal has had a few other unsuccessful local companies in other industries, and that he is not well-respected by those familiar with these ventures?

Good luck, I guess, but this whole venture just seems silly to me.

places 10 º 13:28 Tue 7/31/2012

Patriotic pandering disappoints me.

beers 4184 º places 75 º 13:29 Tue 7/31/2012

wow that logo looks like garbage.

beers 8429 º places 190 º 13:33 Tue 7/31/2012

I was like What the hells going on in America?

beers 1 º places 72 º 13:37 Tue 7/31/2012

"Beal spent the next three years learning about beer."

Well, theres your problem.

beers 2761 º places 34 º 13:38 Tue 7/31/2012

Hehe, righties are comical.

beers 8871 º places 334 º 13:39 Tue 7/31/2012

Enough of this commie propaganda! If you dont like it you can get out!

beers 1 º places 72 º 13:43 Tue 7/31/2012

My buddy made a great comment - Im sure all his roofing supplies (and workers) are 100% American as well.

beers 2 º 13:51 Tue 7/31/2012

Have you tried it yet? Its actually pretty good. I also heard on 97.1 that it beat out a taste test against bud light.

beers 12 º 13:51 Tue 7/31/2012

I like this way better than I do Budweiser, he said, taking a sip from a frosted glass earlier this week. This is a better beer.