The Apprentice

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Originally posted by evilempire
Chris, I think thatís exactly it... this was the first episode Iíve ever watched in full, but I get the impression if they had actual entepreneurs with ideas and people skills then theyíd get half the ratings - the same theory as why all the reality shows seem to be populated entirely by bellends

Iíd love to get Sugarís (honest) take on the whole thing. Although heís a bit of a twat himself heís surely smart enough to know he wouldnít really want to employ any of those idiots, or invest in a business with them, or whatever he has do for the eventual winner. Perhaps he just sees the publicity and TV exposure as worthwhile trade-off? Or perhaps heís underwritten / paid enough by the production company to make it worth his while? Or maybe he has a stake in the production company?

I did recently see somewhere that a previous winner failed in a constructive dismissal case after arguing that she was not actually given a proper job to do.

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Iíd imagine his appearance fee will be several times the amount heís promised to íinvestí, then thereís the publicity (though these numpties stretch the íno such thing as bad publicityí theory to breaking point!)

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Originally posted by evergreen0199
I saw about 15 minutes of that dreadful programme, where do they recruit these self absorbed imbeciles? Also noticed some of the Craft Beer Co chaps, is the tall guy Mes and Sim? Think Iíve seen him pulling pints in Craft Islington.

That Peter, mes is Paul and Sim is Simone as they used to have a joint account and never seperated it. And I hate to hear what Mes is going to say when you say you mistook Peter for him! I have realised thast if Peter reads this iíll get pwnd so iíll be quiet now.

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I havnt had time to watch the episode yet, which I would have been in had I not been in Turkey at the time. But yes its simply designed to fuck people off.

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I noticed nobody declined it... I did wonder if there were some surreptitiously-edited-out pubs who told them theyíre having a laugh selling synthetic industrial dross as premium beer...

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Sugar owes me one episode of time back.

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It was a bit weird, but in the programme after the main show Mr Watt looked very uncomfortable and out of place; maybe he prefers to be surrounded by sycophants and lackeys rather than people who may ask him something where he hasnít rehearsed some "awesome" spiel to reply with? (Although he did manage to say "awesome").

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There is lots of stuff i miss from the UK, but The Apprentice is not one of them! :) But decided to watch this episode after being told about the "brewing angle" but, oh dear what a waste of time!

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why arenít there any ratings of these beers on rb? ;-)

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So was this that mysterious ícanít talk about ití on at the Craft Clerkenwell months ago? If so what should it be added as?