The best homebrew starter kit

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beers 3302 º places 92 º 10:23 Wed 11/28/2012

What is it. Im looking to get myself a christmas gift and want to get into homebrewing. Is there a decent kit out there where i wont have to buy a bunch of parts from different people? A buddy said northern brewer has a good one but i figure ill ask all you experts. Thanks

beers 3439 º places 209 º 10:35 Wed 11/28/2012

Northern brewer is pretty much the go-to anymore. Midwest supplies, Austin home brew, rebel brewer and more beer are all solid as well.

places 10 º 10:39 Wed 11/28/2012

Originally posted by jmagnus87
A buddy said northern brewer has a good one but i figure ill ask all you experts. Thanks

I use Northern Brewer the most, probably because they have a retail store here in Milwaukee. I also frequently use Austin Homebrew.
Starter kits include the basics but not a brew kettle.

beers 242 º places 1 º 11:16 Wed 11/28/2012
beers 1597 º places 352 º 11:34 Wed 11/28/2012

Pretty much any homebrew shop worth its salt will have a decent kit with everything you need to start. Is there a shop in your town? Good to go there and see and touch the stuff yourself, ask a bunch of questions.

beers 30 º places 3 º 13:19 Wed 11/28/2012

Get the upgraded kit. Worth the extra 30 bucks. Will save you probably sixty if you like homebrewing. It is cheaper to get the bigger and better stuff first in the long run if you plan on taking up the hobby. Or go into all grain from the beginning. More expensive equipment, less expensive materials. And you have to learn anyways to begin with. I could have saved hundredsgoing all grain to begin with.

beers 103 º places 48 º 13:51 Wed 11/28/2012

+1 on going straight to all grain from the start. I’m sure you can find a turkey fryer on sale right now and it is very easy to build your own mashtun from a cooler. I’ve been happy with Northern Brewer, too.

beers 3302 º places 92 º 06:51 Thu 11/29/2012

Thanks guys. I think im gonna go with the upgraded northern brewer kit. I have a couple gatorade coolers in the garage i could convert later to go to all grain. Is that tough to do?

places 1 º 07:14 Thu 11/29/2012

After MUCH research I suggest, with out any doubt! Check out the contents of and I’m sure you will agree. Plus it’s an 8 gallon fermenter, so you can make big beers without worrying about blow offs. Add a 5 gallon carboy if you want a secondary and you are set. You can also upgrade to a Super Agata bench capper for only $22.49! An all around great deal!

beers 30 º places 3 º 09:07 Thu 11/29/2012

Make sure you use the ten gallon cooler instead if the give. Same cost to convert, easier to do bigger beers.

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