The Dream Beer Store

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beers 8 º 17:31 Sat 9/15/2012

Outside of free beer, what are some of the (realistic) aspects that would make up the ultimate beer store?

beers 11101 º places 288 º 17:37 Sat 9/15/2012

For me, it’s Bine & Vine meets Greenville Beer Exchange meets Healthy Spirits meets City Beer.

beers 3264 º places 3 º 18:07 Sat 9/15/2012

All bottles individually priced. Discount for mixing and matching 6 or more bottles. Styles that should be drank fresh rotated off the shelves if they’re past their prime. Tons of coolers so stuff doesn’t sit out at room temp. Beers arranged by brewer, not style.

beers 1591 º places 63 º 18:18 Sat 9/15/2012

I walk in and the oldest IPA on the shelf was bottled two weeks ago. Everything is refrigerated. They carry the entire can lineup of north america. Corona is $1 a bomber and iced cold. Beers arranged by brewer from A to Z.

beers 12 º places 3 º 19:42 Sat 9/15/2012

No sunlight possible to touch any bottle. Make it pitch black and hand out night vision goggles.

beers 12000 º places 528 º 19:43 Sat 9/15/2012

Why is this in trade?

beers 2906 º places 83 º 19:47 Sat 9/15/2012

More selection! My local is awesome but its weird how alot of good stuff is just passing us by and its damn close. I,m greedy i guess? Fuck corona too.

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Originally posted by j12601
Why is this in trade?

Brrrrrrrrr face wipe. +1

beers 1898 º places 34 º 20:52 Sat 9/15/2012

Every shelf filled with Millstream Cabin Fever.

places 1 º 23:15 Sat 9/15/2012

Originally posted by pepsiedcan
Corona is $1 a bomber and iced cold.

In the dream beer store, Corona shouldn’t be on sale at all.

beers 10000 º places 672 º 23:53 Sat 9/15/2012

Focus on local stuff, small, well thought out selection, refrigerated, can buy singles, has growler fills off tap only stuff. Everything fresh. No garbage filler breweries like Abita and Laughing Dog.