The Festival, Worcester, MA

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I would like to congratulate Shelton Brothers & 12% Importers for throwing the best event that I’ve been to. An amazing set up, unbelievable lineup of brewers & beers alike. If you missed this, I would not again. Cheers to the Shelton Brother crew & Brian Ewing at 12%

beers 1281 º 08:13 Tue 6/26/2012

The amount of sheer awesomeness was pretty much beyond belief. Awesome people awesome beer. Can’t wait for next year!

beers 7020 º places 313 º 08:17 Tue 6/26/2012

Sours galore, 3 cantillions on tap, every brewer was present, Westy 12. You cannot ask for more

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Originally posted by swoopjones
...every brewer was present, Westy 12.

The brewer of Westy 12 ? Wauw, that’s quite unique.

beers 2889 º places 134 º 11:48 Tue 6/26/2012

Is there a final list of what was available in terms of the actual beers?

beers 800 º places 9 º 21:10 Sun 7/1/2012

List here is pretty close to 100% correct...

beers 409 º 22:08 Sun 7/1/2012

Farmer’s Cabinet had a berliner weiss on Sunday, & Crooked Stave was missing one of it’s kegs. West County Ciders disappeared from the internet list, but were there with reine de pomme, redfield, winesap, & golden delicious. I’m assuming a couple others things slipped, but not much it seemed. Really nice fest. :)