The Great American Eclipse Camping in Tennessee

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beers 3926 º places 158 º 12:42 Tue 8/1/2017

Why travel to a hot, crowded city for the Great American Eclipse? Bring the family to our farm, 10 miles South of Crossville Tennessee, where we will have 2 minutes and 39 seconds of totality ! mile North of the center line!
Guarantee your reserved camping spot now while they are available!
On E-bay:…
Or on AIRbnb :
The campground will open 12:00 noon on Saturday August 19.
Music featuring:

AD6 from Crossville Tennessee "They come together from a background of roots, blues, psychedelic rock, punk and country. We are serving up greasy guitar riffs, smoky bass lines, and sweet beats to keep you on your feet."

From Atlanta Georgia, The George Price Band. Many genres, but always intensely heartfelt. blues from slow & dark to smokin’ hot, rock from fundamental to fusion, jazz from solo to Big Band, funk, disco and modern country.

And from Chattanooga Tennessee comes Caney Creek Company. "It would be easy to categorize Caney Creek Company as a bluegrass band based on their lineup of traditional instruments. However, their sound continues to progress, often including elements of folk, and indie rock with equal frequency".

Some fun for the kids will include Knockerball Crossville and country favorites, Corn Hole and Horse Shoes.

Fixin’s for S’mores at the Sunday night Bonfire!

Not a good camp cook? We’ll have Mountain Life Concessions and the Beef & Barrel food trucks and hot fresh coffee from Grinder House!

Solar Eclipse Camping in Tennessee eBay
Eclipse glasses. The property is 1 mile N of the center line in the path of totality as this astronomical spectacle…

Get wristbands on E-bay:

Or on AIRbnb:

Please message me here if you have any questions. Join the long list of RateBeerians who have already been here to my farm!

beers 4987 º places 92 º 12:48 Tue 8/1/2017

Isn’t this straight up advertising?

beers 12204 º places 219 º 13:10 Tue 8/1/2017

Originally posted by VsXsV
Isn’t this straight up advertising?

Yeah. Who cares?

beers 3926 º places 158 º 13:42 Tue 8/1/2017

Originally posted by VsXsV
Isn’t this straight up advertising?

It is,but often when RateBeerians get together, it somehow becomes beer travel.
And I do have Rate Beer people attending. Just offering up a chance at a fun time, an opportunity to come to a good location for the eclipse, and hopefully break even.

beers 523 º places 1 º 13:44 Tue 8/1/2017

I hope one of these bands knows Dark Side of the Moon.....