The lambic blenders

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beers 94 º places 14 º 05:41 Wed 9/12/2012

Another blog site you think ... yes but this time we are 7 people working on the site. Everybody who brews/blends can post to the site.

Here you will be able to follow our blending and brewing projects. From time to time we will do festivals where you will be able to taste our brews.

Every dutch post will have an english translation.

I hope you enjoy the site!

beers 1806 º places 65 º 07:48 Wed 9/12/2012

Very cool!

beers 134 º places 5 º 08:17 Wed 9/12/2012

Looks like a nice way to showcase those lambic projects

beers 12 º 10:49 Wed 9/12/2012

very cool

13:53 Wed 9/12/2012

Where is the like button? 1000 likes !!!!!!!!

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