Thoughts on marshmallows

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beers 24 º places 1 º 18:29 Mon 3/19/2012

Originally posted by SudsMcDuff
Originally posted by MuertosPorter
The Bruery once did a S’mores variation of Chocolate Rain. It was served from a firkin, with if I remember correctly, had 2 lbs of marshmallow, 2 lbs of chocolate, and 1 lb of graham cracker. It tasted very much like a booze soaked S’more. It was pretty intense, but also very good.

was it brewed with those ingredients or just stuffed into the firkin?

As far as I know, just stuffed into the firkin.

beers 22 º 12:53 Tue 3/20/2012

Yeah i was going to toast them first of course if I added them to secondary. So basically the thought might be to drop them all in secondary graham crackers, toasted marshmellows, and maybe a bit of cocoa powder. I have also had the thought of the meadowfoam honey and going the braggot route. By doing a stout then blending.

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