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beers 10779 º places 386 º 12:01 Tue 9/12/2017

Originally posted by Marko
My pleasure... Well, I'm trying to encourage people on a person to person base. The ideas the higher ups to do that have actually only netted us those empty and/or fake ratings - so clearly they have backfired. In my opinion - if you use RB places for reference when you travel - it's only fair to rate them too afterwards - but I know plenty of people who refuse to do that... and then, in some cases, complain about ratings of said places not being representative... :D

Well, that's humanity for ya. :)

I Always chose where to go on vacation according to reviews. it helps me deciding the places, the city, even the country to go to. And as you can see, I tried my best leaving some feedback. Some appreciated this mroe than others, but hey, thats honesty for ya ;)

beers 5785 º places 420 º 13:58 Tue 9/12/2017

In Spain´s forum whe always have a permanent open thread regarding issues like this, anf of course beers, brewers... for our local admin seems this is the easiest way to check out all the problems at once. I think this could be more effective rather tha posting in the general forums. Of course you need some cooperative rbeerians reporting everything wrong they come accross.

beers 14661 º places 748 º 15:04 Tue 9/12/2017

Since we don't have local admins and local forums for everywhere, we need a general thread as well. If there's a local thread with an active local admin - report there, if not, report here. I've already made that clear earlier in this thread. :)

places 1543 º 15:12 Tue 9/12/2017

I only rate places and would like to edit places myself like we did before. I used to update places while rating them. If this is only a temporary issue, I can deal with it. But, I expects that editing places will soon be as before. Why bother an admin just for minor adjustments?

beers 14661 º places 748 º 15:43 Tue 9/12/2017

We did not get an update on when that privilege will be returned. It might be premium-only, it might never be.

I've opened the thread for you to bother people with minor adjustments. So... why not?

beers 6901 º places 1207 º 18:07 Tue 9/12/2017

Originally posted by Marko
Originally posted by jjsint
Hi Marko,

Maybe a silly question but that never stops me. I've been sending any local places housekeeping stuff to the UK admins on the local thread. Would it be easier for all and sundry if I reported them centrally?

Naah, if there are functional local threads regarding this, use them, reckon the local admins will get to fixing that faster.

Great. Thanks for the info.

beers 3082 º places 25 º 18:23 Tue 9/12/2017

Casper Wyoming has 2 listings for Poplar Wine and Spirits and Galloways.

beers 14228 º places 1502 º 00:47 Wed 9/13/2017

Galloway's is done. There are two addresses for poplars; are there two locations?

beers 23636 º places 845 º 03:58 Wed 9/13/2017

Originally posted by Marko
Joe, wouldn't it be better if there was a separate tech issue thread?

Tech issue *forum*.

Almost all other issues feedback acts like a black hole. As others have said, if there's no visibility of things being addressed, they won't be reported, at least not in any vaguely organised fashion.

For example, someone might say "and what the decorum is up with ?" in the middle of a thread that was supposed to be about places issues, and that might derail things, which would be annoying.

beers 6111 º places 110 º 07:04 Wed 9/13/2017

This is the same city, only written in two different ways.