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beers 14292 º places 1099 º 14:15 Wed 9/20/2017

Just added a supermarket in Rethymno, shows up where every place without a proper address on the map goes to rest. Could you fix the coordinates?
And add this link for beer menu:

beers 13625 º places 709 º 11:34 Thu 9/21/2017

Done and fixed the location of all the places in Rethymno that needed to be fixed (just about anything but one). :D

beers 12312 º places 416 º 15:59 Fri 9/22/2017

Appears somewhere in Holland on the map, when it should appear in Normandy. I would amend the accent in the address which probably caused this, and perhaps amend the address to the nearest city of Honfleur to see if that corrects it but, of course, I cannot.

beers 13625 º places 709 º 05:35 Sat 9/23/2017

The first idea is far better, might just net you the correct place, and you'd just end up with having bad spelling. There's a chance that it would just give a random spot on that road but that would be far, far better than Holland.

The other idea of yours should never, ever be attempted, in any case. Here, it would just break. If you try it in Google Maps, you'll see it just looks for churches in Honfleur :D. And claiming it's in Honfleur would be terribly misleading even if it worked (and it wouldn't). The only way for cases like this, where automatic coordinates end up most likely being wrong, is just finding it on google maps and transcribing the correct coordinates and entering them in the correct fields.

But you can't do that for now, of course. I, however, can. :) Fixed! :)

beers 3304 º places 93 º 17:26 Sun 9/24/2017

Originally posted by PhillyBeer2112
Originally posted by Marko
Originally posted by PhillyBeer2112

The Ravenous Pig in Orlando, Fl:
Needs an updated address, they are now at 565 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park FL 32789
Which happens to be the former location of the Cask & Larder brewpub
which is now at Orlando International Airport, 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd., Orlando, FL 32827

Huh, this requires new places in my book. Especially since Cask & Larder is no longer a brewpub - no brewing at the terminal, it would seem.

Maybe for Cask and Larder, but I don't think the Ravenous Pig needs a new place, just a change in locale, a mile down the street or so. Same owners, same menu

Also Cask and Larder is still brewing but not in the airport, the brewery is still in its original location which is sharing space with Ravenous Pig (they are sister restaurants, same owners)

beers 13625 º places 709 º 05:28 Mon 9/25/2017

Of course, but it's not a brewpub itself - equipment not at the same place, the brewery supplies more than just the pub etc etc.

Well, in any case, it got a new place the first time I edited it way back when, though your argument is quite valid. A 50-50 situation in my book that might have ended up with a different outcome with an earlier reply. Oh well. :)

beers 3922 º places 175 º 09:58 Sat 9/30/2017

Hi Marko, could you change this place to a bottleshop?

I forget to change it when adding the place.

beers 13625 º places 709 º 19:55 Sun 10/8/2017

Originally posted by YantarCoast
Hi Marko, could you change this place to a bottleshop?

I forget to change it when adding the place.

Fixed. Sorry it took me so long, I was basically on a 9 day trip - guess the others thought I was handling this.

beers 3922 º places 175 º 13:04 Mon 10/9/2017


beers 8168 º places 307 º 14:38 Tue 10/10/2017

This place keeps showing up on my local map and it has nothing to do at all with beer, they do not serve or sell beer or cider or mead or sake: (mildly annoying)