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beers 5073 º places 31 º 10:38 Wed 9/12/2012

So whats the best plan for tomorrow (Thursday).

Hit Barcade first, then make our way to Bierkraft?

Also there is a new bar that opens tomorrow in Bushwick/williamsburg area called The Well. Looks pretty cool. Not sure if we will have time to check it out though.

beers 8645 º places 299 º 10:41 Wed 9/12/2012

Yea Barcade is def the 1st stop in my mind. Then Bierkraft and maybe Browerij Lane. I’d check out The Well too if ppl are down

beers 3264 º places 138 º 11:39 Wed 9/12/2012


beers 419 º places 32 º 13:56 Wed 9/12/2012

Considering my workload for tomorrow, I’m planning on skipping Barcade and going straight to Biekraft for dinner and beers.

beers 13099 º places 575 º 17:32 Wed 9/12/2012

I’ll be in class up here :(

beers 9691 º places 212 º 17:49 Wed 9/12/2012

I think me and Ashley will be at Bierkraft around 7 or 8 ish.

beers 1917 º places 96 º 07:45 Thu 9/13/2012

good news: my grant application was accepted today, so I’m fixing to celebrate with some beer.

For those going to barcade, what time will you get there?

beers 3264 º places 138 º 08:00 Thu 9/13/2012


beers 8645 º places 299 º 08:38 Thu 9/13/2012

I wanted to leave early, but kind of busy at work and will most likely get to Barcade closer to 545.

beers 5073 º places 31 º 09:49 Thu 9/13/2012

I see they open and start pouring the CC at 4pm at Barcade, but Im thinking more like 5pm to show up. I might hit up a couple little places beforehand- maybe coffee or something in williamsburg- blue bottle?

beers 5073 º places 31 º 09:50 Thu 9/13/2012

So barcade- 5-630/7, then head to bierkraft for sandwiches and Carton beer by 8 to meet up with Blipp and anyone else.