Omaha Extreme Beerfest

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beers 3577 º places 106 º 22:02 Wed 12/23/2009

If anyone wants to make the trip up here, let me know. We’re trying to decide whether to set up a "hospitality suite."

As soon as I can get the beer list, I’ll pass it along.

With 150 plus beers over 7% ABV, this will be a good festival.

The Boulevard dinner the night before will be lots of fun for us, since we don’t get to interact with the brewer very much here in Omaha.

beers 5046 º places 1100 º 07:13 Thu 12/24/2009

Hospitality suite? Go on....

beers 3577 º places 106 º 13:28 Sat 12/26/2009

Originally posted by theisti
Hospitality suite? Go on....
Basically, we don’t have any reason to stay overnight at the Festival’s Official Hotel (Fairfield Hotel) unless we host a post-drinking drinking event down there.

Otherwise, Bill is running a free shuttle to and from the Festival and Beertopia (which is walking/stumbling distance to my house).

My Homebrew club (South Omaha Brewers) might also be interested in a homebrew-centric post-festival event.

Bottom line is that this year’s Extreme Beerfest in Omaha might be worth the trip up from KC.

beers 3577 º places 106 º 21:08 Thu 1/7/2010

Here is a preliminary listing of the beers to be served:

Sam Smiths Imperial Stout 7%
Lenny’s Rye IPA 10%
O’Dells Woodcut 11%
O’Dells Bourbon Barrel Stout 10.5%
O’Dells India Barley Wine 9.7%
O’Dells Mountain Standard 8.5%
Avery The Reverend 10%
Avery Maharaja 10.2%
Avery Hog Heaven 9.2%
Avery Czar 11%
Avery The Beast 15%
Avery Mephistopholes 16.8%
Avery Samaels 16.5%
Avery Dugan A IPA 8.5%
Avery Salvation 9%
St. Bernardus ABT 12 10.5%
St. Bernardus Trippel 8%
St. Bernardus Prior 8 8%
De Rocs Triple Imperiale 10%
De Rocs Grand Cru 9.5%
Schneider Aventinus Eisbock 12%
Schneider Aventinus 8.2%
Ayinger Celebrator 6.7%
Ettaler Curator 9%
Duvel 8.1%
Rochefort 10 11.3%
Rochefort 8 9.2%
Rochefort 6 7.5%
Rogue XS IPA 9.2%
Rogue XS Imperial Red 9%
Rogue XS Old Crustacean Barley Wine 11.5%
Rogue XS Youngs Special Bitter 7.1%
Rogue XS Imperial Stout 11%
Rogue John Johns Barrel Aged Dead Guy
Rogue Chocolate Stout 6%
Anchor Old Foghorn 8.8%
Flying Dog Gonzo Imp. Porter 9.8%
Flying Dog Horn Dog Barley Wine 10.5%
Flying Dog Double Dog 11.5%
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 9.6%
Sierra Glissade
Flying Dog Snake Dog 7.1%
Ayinger Weizenbock 7.1%
Breckenridge 471 9.2%
Breckenridge Brown Ale 7.5%
Breckenridge Porter 7.4%
Breckenridge ESB 7.8%
SKA True Blonde8%
SKA Neafrious Ten Pin 8%
SKA Decadent IPA10%
Great Divide Old Ruffian 10.2%
Great Divide Oaked Yeti 9.5%
Great Divide Yeti 9.5%
Great Divide Double Wit 8.1%
Great Divide Titan IPA 7.1%
Great Divide Hades 7.8%
Santa Fe Chicken Killer BW 10%
Westmalle Trippel 9.5%
Westmalle Dubble 7%
Tommy Knocker Imperial Nut Brown 9.8%
Tommy Knocker Butthead 8.2%
Chimay Blue 9%
Chimay Red 7%
Val Dieu Grand Cru 10.5%
Val Dieu Blonde 6%
Val Dieu Tripel 9%
Orval 6.9%
Malheur 10 10%
Urthel Hop it 9.5%
Urthel Samaranth 11%
Traquir House 7.2%
Traquir House Jacobite 8%
Uerige Doppel Shticke 8.5%
Ommegang Rare Voss 6.5%
Ommegang Hennepin 7.7%
Ommegang 3 Philosophers 9.8%
Ommegang Abbey 8.5%
Nostradamus 9.5%
Gulden Draak 10.5%
Schlenkerla Urbock 6.6%
Schlenkerla Marzen5.4%
Kwak 8.1%
Sierra Torpedo IPA 7.2%
Sierra Bigfoot Barleywine 9.6%
Sierra Glissade 6.4%
Konigs Hoeven Quad 10%
Left Hand Warrioir IPA 6.6%
Boulder Obovoid 8%
Cuvee Rene 5%
Left Hand Imperial Stout 10.4%
He’Brew Origin Pomegranite 8%
Belzebuth 13%
Boulder Mojo Risin’ 10.5%
Tommy Knocker Cocoa Porter 6.5%
Triple Karmaliet
Floreffe Blue
Troubadour Obscura
Blanche Namur
Tripel Moine
Unibroue Don de Dieu
La Fin du Monde
Trois Pistoles
Quatre Centieme
Blue Moon Grand Cru
Collaboration 1-Imp. Pilsner
Tank 7
Boulevard Dubbel
Dark Truth Stout
Bourbon County Stout
Pere Jaques
Wild Blue
Imperial Nut Brown-Goose Island-Draft
Weyerbacher Quad
John Barleycorn
Old Heathen
Blithering Idiot
Double Simcoe IPA
Merry Monks
North Coast Old Rasputin
Brother Thelonius
Le Merle
Steelhead Double IPA
Sam Adams Imp. White
Sam Adams Double Bock
Sam Adams Imp. Stout
Augustiner Maximator
Old Stock Ale
Empyrean Limited Belgian Pale Ale 7%
Empyrean Oaked Winter Weizenbock 9%
Empyrean Luna Sea ESB Barleywine on Beer Engine 11%
Golden Frau
Gouden Carolus Blue
Gouden Red
Gouden Classic
Gouden Tripple
Gouden Hopsinjour
Delerium Tremens
Delerium Nocturnum
Kasteel Donker
Kasteel Tripple
Kasteel Rouge
Staffe Hendrick Tripple
Traditional Fond Gueze
Brigand Tripple
Samiclaus Classic
Samiclaus Helles
Sprecher Bourbon Scotch
Bourbon Dopllebock
Bourbon Imperial Stout
Abbey Trippel
Pipers Scotch Ale
New Belgium Abbey
La Folie
Le Fleur Missuer
Bier De Mars
Transatlanique Kriek
Kulmbacher Eisbock

beers 1229 º places 13 º 07:05 Fri 1/8/2010

First time I have heard of that Sierra Nevada Glissade Golden Bock, I wouldn’t mind trying that.

17:49 Tue 2/2/2010

Any of you KC fellers headed out for this? I’ll be there working/playing.

beers 5046 º places 1100 º 07:00 Wed 2/3/2010


What’s the story with the Dubbel? New batch, or from the batch a few years back?



Originally posted by TheJermis
Any of you KC fellers headed out for this? I’ll be there working/playing.

beers 1229 º places 13 º 07:16 Wed 2/3/2010

Originally posted by theisti

What’s the story with the Dubbel? New batch, or from the batch a few years back?



Originally posted by TheJermis
Any of you KC fellers headed out for this? I’ll be there working/playing.

New batch. I heard it is tasty!

03:52 Thu 2/4/2010

New stuff with cinnamon, coriander, and star anise. We brewed 35 bbls for the Big Beers, Belgians, and Barleywines fest out in Vail. It’s on tap in the tasting room right now.

beers 3577 º places 106 º 20:04 Thu 2/4/2010

The Extreme Beerfest has sold out, so if you don’t already have one of the 900 tickets, don’t expect to get one at the door.

I think the highlights will be:
NBC Chardonnay Blonde, Oak Aged Black Betty & Oak Aged Fat Head BW
Odells India Barleywine, Mountain Standard & Woodcut #3
Sprecher The Czar & Bourbon Doppelbock
New Belgium Dark Heather Saison
Goose Island Imperial Nut Brown on cask
Rogue John John Oaked Dead Guy
Avery Beast, Samaels, & Mephistopheles

places 12 º 12:28 Mon 2/8/2010

How was this? Anyone make it up?