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You have to Move to a new city. Which local brewery will you miss?

I am definitely going to miss Calfkiller (Sparta, TN). every beer from them has been an amazing eye opener, always sessionable, and always incredibly fresh since their kegs sell out so fast.

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Alberta breweries are generally forgettable. The only local-ish breweries I would miss are Tamarack in Montana, and Half Pints out in Winnipeg.

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Depends on where I move to

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Originally posted by pepsiedcan

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Tough choice between Hair of the Dog and Deschutes Brewery...

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Id miss iron hill brewery.

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Motherís. They are new and arenít great yet, but their Lil Helper is a surprisingly good IPA. Depending on where I moved to, I also would miss Boulevard a lot. Iíve heard that some areas on the the East Coast donít get much of their stuff.

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Iíd miss the 2 mile journey to the Bruery to funnel Humulus Lager.

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Nothing where i am now