How many pints are enough for you?

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beers 68 º places 9 º 16:57 Mon 11/19/2012

I can drink 8-10, then Iím fed up with beer, until the next day. :)

beers 8224 º places 975 º 16:59 Mon 11/19/2012

Four is a pretty full night for me...

beers 8629 º places 274 º 17:01 Mon 11/19/2012

I keep trying to count and then I wake up sometime the next day. Someday Iíll get it.

beers 68 º places 9 º 17:08 Mon 11/19/2012

LOL, that happens yes. :)

beers 6349 º places 513 º 17:09 Mon 11/19/2012

Three to five depending on whatís in the glass and whether I have to drive afterward. Thay number could go higher or lower depending on how long the session is going to last.

beers 4058 º places 154 º 17:11 Mon 11/19/2012

Depends on the beer, time, and place. When drinking lots itís usually at a gathering/tasting/festival so hard to measure as Iím not drinking pints. But at the bar if something I really liked was on tap and was 6-7% or below Iíd have at most 1-2 if i was driving, and maybe 3-5 if I was not. Iíd probably drink more as well if I wasnít paying. Very circumstantial querry.

beers 371 º places 11 º 17:18 Mon 11/19/2012

300-400 sfuís, give or take another couple hundred-- depending on duration and how slizzerd Iím looking to get.

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beers 1037 º places 21 º 18:33 Mon 11/19/2012

If I drink slow enough, the belly size grows at a rate that accompanies my intake. Thus, possibly, never enough.

beers 10882 º places 12 º 18:33 Mon 11/19/2012

The citric acid is starting to get to me after the third pint or so of kool-aid.

beers 10647 º places 156 º 18:38 Mon 11/19/2012

I follow Michale Jacksonís guidelines, which I believe were along the lines of (and I paraphrase)"5-6 pints a night, at least, and more when warranted".