Your end of times beer

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beers 238 º places 12 º 09:54 Tue 11/20/2012

Well, we are just about a month away from the Mayan b’ak’tun 13 (12/21/2012) which just about any nutjob out there will tell you will be the greatest catastrophe between the Y2K catastrophe and the Unix 2038 catastrophe.

So, in light of our impending doom, here’s a fun topic:

Say the Mayans predicted the Great Beer Catastrophe, in which all but a single style of beer would be wiped from the face of the earth for eternity. That is, nothing but this one beer would ever be produced again. This beer alone would be available at every bar, ball game, and grocery store; for free until the end of time.

Which beer would you choose? What sacred brew do you think you could savor every day for the rest of your life, and never tire of?

Personally for me, I would have to go with either a well-balanced stout or oktoberfest. My current pick would be Left Hand Milk Stout, although having tried fewer than 100 beers, I can say I do not have the most educated opinion.

beers 10017 º places 672 º 10:11 Tue 11/20/2012

I would definitely go saison or pilsner and choose Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere or Victory Braumeister Pils

beers 5008 º places 97 º 10:14 Tue 11/20/2012


Yeah, I went there...

beers 6611 º places 149 º 11:13 Tue 11/20/2012

Founders All Day IPA

beers 3514 º places 65 º 20:37 Tue 11/20/2012

Gueuze lambic....any Belgian brewer would be acceptable

places 10 º 20:40 Tue 11/20/2012

Any beer that I can share with my very good friends. Too sappy?

beers 1109 º places 30 º 20:47 Tue 11/20/2012

La Fin Du Monde....duh

beers 6368 º places 233 º 20:57 Tue 11/20/2012

I would open the seventh seal and have a can of Meister Brau that has been sitting around for about 15 years and survived a fire.

beers 14078 º places 832 º 22:06 Tue 11/20/2012

Going to a party that night. Non-beer geek party, but people with decent taste, so probably some Blue Mountain or something else local.

beers 93 º places 13 º 22:27 Tue 11/20/2012

gueze is the only one worth it either way

beers 398 º places 12 º 06:10 Wed 11/21/2012

Originally posted by monkeychugg55
La Fin Du Monde....duh

All day long, that’s gonna be my drink.