Stomach pain of unfiltered beer?

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Drank two pints of it, and got diarrhea. Ate food too though, but others didn’t get pain of the food.

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Originally posted by santabeer
Drank two pints of it, and got diarrhea. Ate food too though, but others didn’t get pain of the food.

ill take some sounds like a good colon cleaner!

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Is it just unfiltered beer or beer in general? You may have an intolerance to an ingredient in the beer. Generally brewers yeast is known to offer up B group vitamins and essential proteins and minerals and is known to alleviate constipation - the last one could be a problem. But it may be something else that has caused the upset!!!

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Happens to me sometimes... mostly when I drink mass quantities of yeast heavy beers (belgians, sours, lambics, etc...) Go to bed and you’ll feel better in the morning most likely. If not, consult your doctor.

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Originally posted by joeneugs
If not, consult your doctor.

Always solid advice.

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I have to stay away from alot of my favorite brews....brutal, Missing work sickness...

beers 1934 º places 35 º 06:15 Sat 11/24/2012

I never let work get in the way of my drinking

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allergic to yeast? that is quite common actually. Other beer in larger quantities should give you same symptoms

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Yeast is a natural laxative!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!

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Try drinking 84 ounces of malt liquor in an evening and let me know how that turns out.

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I’d try it again and see what happens- alot of times people get sick and automatically think it’s from something they ate/drank but it turns out to be an airborn or fomite virus. One time I got sick at a festival and thought for sure it was from some chicken I ate and then I got home (in another town) and other people I knew had gotten the same 12-hour bug- I had picked it up before I went to the festival.