Best Bad Beer?

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Ok ok the title might seem like a contradiction but what is the best bad/cheap beer you would drink as a session beer/trying to get a little drunk but I don’t feel like spending a lot of money or I’m playing drinking games.

For me, I gotta give props to Miller High Life. It’s cheap, pretty unoffensive, and I don’t mind drinking a lot of it. It’s a good beer to get drunk off of at a party. In that regard, it serves its purpose. Not a great beer by any means but as far as the cheap macros go...I gotta say it is one of my favorites. Coors original I would also put in the same boat.

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I’m pretty big Schlitz fan. In the shitty beer department.

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Burger classic git you some.

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Does bitburger count?

Colt 45

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Corona extra then coors banquet

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Genny Cream

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Old Style, Schlitz, High Life, Olympia (when I can get it).... I haven’t been drinking quite enough bad beer lately. I’m starting to crave it a little.

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Schaefer. Although, a Schlitz Tall Boy is a sight to behold at many bars.

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Point Special Lager is my all time favorite though.