When is it the best time to shop at a beer store?

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For those retailers or beer shopping aficionadoís...is there a common thread amongst beer stores when stocked shelves are at their maxium? And when do your fast selling hard-to-find beers come in? Is it Monday morning?

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Whenever the shipments come in, well shortly after. This is thursday for my area.

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Depends on who distributes the beer and their delivery day. Thatís why it is always in your best interest to take care of your local beer shop employee and they will in turn give you a heads up on the good stuff.

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I know very little about this but all the beer stores in my locale get stocked by different distributors on various days with no set time. So, I guess you could probably ask your favorite store when is the best time to come?

Its really cool when I walk in when theyíre unloading their new stock and I get first dibs on anything thatís arriving. Sometimes I have to wait for them to find out the price.

This happened at the beermuda last week, nice.

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A lot of the local shops here do a pretty good job of updating their Facebook or Twitter when they get new stuff in, especially good stuff. So I just always keep an eye out there.

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Itís better to hit the store before you hit the pub rather than after.

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Ditto on Facebook and Twitter. We will sometimes even do pre-sales on releases we know are coming down the pipe on our website so you can reserve your bottles before they even hit the floor.

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Originally posted by kp
Itís better to hit the store before you hit the pub rather than after.

Sound advice right there!

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Originally posted by TURDFERGUSON

This! Safer for me.

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Originally posted by TURDFERGUSON

Sunday mornings, so all the church goers can watch me pack around a basket full of beer before noon and think theyíre better then me because of it.