Chat RateBeerian of the Year Awards 2012 - Winners

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beers 4965 º places 286 º 12:11 Tue 1/1/2013

It is with great pleasure that I announce the winners of this years Chat RateBeerian of the Year Awards 2012:

1. RB Chatter of the Year - oh6gdx by one vote over pintbypint

2. RB Chat Promoter of the Year - GodOfThunder

3. RB Chat Cammer of the Year - Hubsluvsbeer/mikem409 by one vote over pintbypint

4. RB Chat Lurker of the Year - airforce1

5. RB Chat Kicked to the Curb - DMAC by one vote over SHIG and GodOfThunder

6. RB Chat Quote of the Year - [8:22 PM] guest-524611 changed nickname to turbo [8:23 PM] foppa: turbo I didnt get a beer mail asking me to vote for you [8:23 PM] foppa: something must be broke [8:23 PM] turbo: GO VOTE!!! [8:23 PM] turbo left the room.

Again I thank everyone who participated to recognize these truly amazing RateBeerians...Shawn

beers 6285 º places 321 º 12:23 Tue 1/1/2013

Fuck, forgot to vote, Pat all the way! Congrats everyone :p

beers 1271 º places 5 º 17:12 Tue 1/1/2013

Thank you all.
Now I dont have to change my avatar.

beers 3927 º places 35 º 17:33 Tue 1/1/2013

Congrats to the winners!

beers 14332 º places 849 º 18:50 Tue 1/1/2013

Originally posted by turbo
Thank you all.
Now I dont have to change my avatar.

22:19 Tue 1/1/2013

Lurker of the year

beers 26485 º places 199 º 02:40 Wed 1/2/2013

HA! thanks to all who voted, this will mean more chat madness in 2013