What could you not finish?

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Out of all the beers you’ve had, which have been so horrid that you couldn’t even finish?

To be fair, omit beers that were spoiled or otherwise not as the brewer intended to be drunk.

Truthfully, even when considering the traditionally hated beers like the "Light" offerings from the macro brewers, none have been so horrible that I couldn’t even finish the beer, with the sole exception of Steel Reserve triple export (and that was because I had trouble walking straight 12 ounces in.)

And, while not technically "beer," I opened up a bottle of Gekkeikan sake and was met with the first alcoholic drink that I could not force myself to swallow more than a sip of.

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There have been three. Two low alcohol beers Cobra Zero% and Karmi classic and one awful beer known as Budweiser (US version)

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DOS costas grapefruit wood. 5 guys couldn’t finish half the bottle that remained after it explodedon opening.

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Krasniy Vostok Bogemskoe

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A beer I bought from a vending machine in Germany. I was 19, wanted some beer and was drunk and it was wretched.

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Ass Kisser DIPA was a malty mess and the bomber couldn’t be finished between two of us.

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Krasniy Vostok Bogemskoe


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I’ve dumped hundreds of piss poor craft beer. Rogue Farms 19 Original Colonies Mead and Chapeau Exotic are two drinks I couldn’t finish more than a sip or two of.

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Some AB new brew at GABF - I wanted to cut my tongue off after taking a sip. A few others - some chocolate beer that apparently others like - had it at a beer tasting and was pissed because it affected the taste of the following dozen or more beers.

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Bud Light Chelada. Five of us shared a can and we still had to drain pour most of it.

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Greens Endeavour