Thoughts on brewery collaborations

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Brazilian brewery, Wäls recently teamed up with Gerrett Oliver from Brooklyn brewery to create a Saison (still a rare style in Brazil) called Saison de Caipira. (You can check out Garrett talking about the beer here) It was only released this week so I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but hopefully I will before I leave the country. I’m a big fan of Wäls and I like Brooklyn’s stuff as well so it makes sense that it should be a nice beer.

I’m keen to know what you think of breweries doing collaborations with other breweries. Is it a good show of brotherhood and togetherness within the craft beer scene?
Or is it a way for brewers to raise awareness of thier brewery in a market in which they’re trying to expand?


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Its a good show of camaraderie, but very seldom do good beers emerge from it. Lots of hits and misses with the misses dominating.

Collaboration is one facet of craft brewing that really sets it apart from the macros. When was the last time you heard of Bud doing a collaboration with Miller? Even thought I am seldom impressed by the results I really enjoy trying them and I appreciate the efforts.

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It’s great on all fronts and the beers are usually decent as long as the collaborating brewers are competent which is always the case except for Pratt street ale house.

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I recently got to sit in on a brewers collaboration meeting (the details of which aren’t, to my knowledge, public yet). The quality of the final product aside, I think there’s something to be said for what happens during those collaboration meetings, in terms of knowledge exchange and having brewers trying to wrap their heads around the same concerns and final goal. It’s some interesting mojo when it’s done constructively, with the actual intent of collaboration, and I think it ultimately has very positive benefits beyond just the collab beer itself.

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To me brewing is more of a one man thing, at least that’s how I prefer it when building a recipe. I think it would be too easy to butt heads or compromise when building a recipe with someone, at least that’s my experiences on it.

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I have seen and tasted some really cool/great/original beers that came out of a collaboration, but for me what’s really cool about it is the way it reflects the awesome "we’re all friends" attitude in the craft beer world.

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There aren’t any collaboration beers in the top 50 here and none in the top 250 at BA, so the old saying "too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the soup" must be true for brewing.

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collaborations not necessarily means doing a beer toegther. Know how on the malting or buy in of ingredients can be exchanged too amongst other stuff. how are things being done at other places can be useful. Innovation in the beer kitchen - CHEERS!

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Originally posted by kmweaver
... I think there’s something to be said for what happens during those collaboration meetings, in terms of knowledge exchange and having brewers trying to wrap their heads around the same concerns and final goal.

Notto mention the actual brew day. Every home brewer who has visited another home brewer on a brew day know how much there is to be learned from how we happen to do things a little different

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Had a fantastic one the other day. Was a DIPA called Pond Hopper, i thought was fantastic and sure i will pick it up again. Was between Thornbridge and Odell’s. I do take your points, i can’t think of any other collaborations that were amazing.

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They almost universally suck in my experience. I’ve only had a couple good ones that I can remember, and god knows how many bad ones from otherwise excellent breweries. At this point if I see multiple brewer names on a bottle I am significantly less likely to buy it.