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What breweries do you live near?

Here in Georgia, everything is pretty much overshadowed by Red Brick and Sweetwater in Atlanta, and Terrapin in Athens.

Red Hare is the only semi-national brewery near my house, about 15 miles away. The smaller Burnt Hickory Brewing is about 5 miles from my old college, and the now-defunct Woodstock Brewing would have been within walking distance of the house my wife and I are preparing to move in to.

And in a similar vein, my long-time friend/pen-pal lives within cycling distance of Founders, and eats at their cafe/deli several times a month. Must be nice :(

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West Sixth, Country Boy. Blue Stallion on the way.

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Burnt Hickory is mine. Iím in Acworth.

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Kane Brewing is just slightly over 20 miles away. When Black Thorne Brewing opens up later this year I would guess within 5 miles. (Artisanís of Toms River is a brewpub about 3 miles away but I like myself and will only subject myself to their brews a random few times a year.)

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Ithaca Beer Company. They make great beer and even take a stab at a Belgian dark ale called Cold Front. But if you ask me, itís the Flower Power thatís worth buying.

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Starr Hill is closest to me. Lame. But fortunately Devils Backbone and Blue Mountain arenít too far from my house, and I work pretty close to Champion.

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I live within 10 miles of 10 breweries in Chicago. Within 3 miles of 4 or so...

15:46 Fri 1/25/2013

Cask and Larder

Awesome place.

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I am a 10 minute drive from New England Brewing, [email protected] and Two Roads. The closest brewpub is Southport Brewing Company. There are 12+ proposed breweries in my state. Life is good.

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Allagash and Maine Beer are within 15min of my house depending on traffic... theres many more breweries in town but those are the ones I drink.